Saturday, March 3, 2012

PrimeFaces is taking off and Extensions project is on board

We are glad to announce that PrimeFaces Extensions team released yesterday the new version 0.3.0. A trailer is available. Watch it please.

Released version is available in the Maven central repository. Here are quick Release Notes for this release:

  • Built on top of current PrimeFaces 3.1.1.
  • Improved the showcase, deployed for Mojarra and MyFaces now.
  • Added internationalisation page.
  • Bugfixes for existing components.
  • Added new component CodeMirror.
  • Added new component TimePicker.
  • Added new component Timeline.
  • Added new component TriStateCheckbox.
  • Added new component TriStateManyCheckbox.

Check also our Mojarra based and MyFaces based showcase. In the next posts I will go unter cover and explain some interesting components more detailed.

We have two new team members: Nilesh Mali and Mauricio Fenoglio. Nilesh is a specialist in Google Maps and Open Street APIs and will implement extended map functionalities with tracking functions. He implemented Timeline component. This component will be re-implemented with funny UI, events, zooming, etc. in the next releases. He is also responsible for ComboCalendar in the next release. Mauricio implemented TriStateCheckbox and TriStateManyCheckbox components and will implement InfiniteScroll and NumberInput components in the next release(s). Credits to Mauricio. He created the trailer for us.

Last but not least - Credits and thanks to Cagatay Civici, the PrimeFaces lead. He was likable to use and allowed us to use a phpBB based sub-forum. Thank you!

Have fun with Extensions project!


  1. I really like the CodeMirror component, but I'm missing one piece of functionality. I'd like to have a dynamic code suggestion system that uses a backing bean method to request a list of suggestions based on the current editor position. That way I could use the new Java Compiler API to provide Java code completion. I had a quick look at the components code, but can see a way how I can link the Javascript event for code completion, CTRL+Space, to a backing bean method. Any ideas?

  2. Hi,

    Please create an issue in our issue tracker

    But before discuss this in the forum please


  3. Ok, forum thread created:
    Thanks for the answer. We'll see what sort of discussion this creates and if it result in an issue for the tracker or not.

  4. Awesome guys-- please keep up the great work!


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