Wednesday, January 1, 2014

PrimeFaces Extensions 1.2.1 was released with a new QRCode component

We are glad to announce the next release 1.2.1 of PrimeFaces Extensions (yes, 1.2.1 and not 1.2.0 due to some encountered issues in the newly released 1.2.0). This is a maintenance release which contains fixes for the components AjaxErrorHandler, FluidGrid, DynaForm, TimePicker, InputNumber and new features in Exporter (possibility to skip some components during export) and Waypoint (can be used now for horizontal scrolling as well).

Beside fixed issues (full list on GitHub) we added a new JSF component QRCode. QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode for multi-purpose using. Refer this article on Wikipedia if you don't know what it is.

The QR Code is generated completely on the client-side. Usage example:
<pe:qrCode renderMethod="canvas" 
Furthermore, the component library and the showcase were updated to fit JSF 2.2. The PrimeFaces team lead Çagatay Çivici has provided us his dedicated server for deployment. We would like to thank him for that! This is the same server the PrimeFaces showcase is running on. Please consider a new URL for our showcase. The old URLs are out of date (I've canceled my VPS). The showcase is running on Mojarra 2.2.x. But of course we test it on MyFaces as well.

The new release is available as usually in the Maven central repository. Have fun!

Edit: Çagatay Çivici told us that the demos including PrimeFaces showcase, labs and extensions crashed a couple of times, so that he had to undeploy the extensions' showcase. The current showcase is deployed to Amazon EC2 instance and is running on Tomcat 7 now. Thanks to our user sebargarcia.