Friday, August 22, 2014

PrimeFaces Extensions 2.1.0 released

Today, we released the PrimeFaces Extensions 2.1.0. This is a maintenance release with many fixed issues and some new features for the existing components. The full issue list is on the GitHub.

As usually, you will find all infos on the homepage. The release is available in the Maven central repo.

Good news:
  • New snapshots and releases seem to be uploaded perodically to the public Sonatype's repository again, so that everybody can download them from there.
  • We will have new "sexy" components in the next main release because we could win a new commiter for us. His name is Francesco Strazzullo and he is a creator of StrazzFaces. The plan is to adopt his components for the PrimeFaces Extensions. Furthermore, I plan to bring cool components too (although I have less free time due to my current work).
  • PrimeFaces Extensions will go PRO! Thanks to Cagatay for this idea and his support. Please follow his announcement soon.

Have fun!