Wednesday, June 20, 2012

PrimeFaces Extensions 0.5.1 released

After 9 days since the last PrimeFaces Extensions release we have done a maintenance release 0.5.1. It's built on top of PrimeFaces 3.3.1. Please see releases notes.

We fixed a couple of critical issues, especially in components AjaxExceptionHandler, KeyFilter and ImageAreaSelect. MasterDetail component got a new features - support of f:ajax / p:ajax and ability for disabled breadcrumb items. On the other hand, error-prone and slow-down features were removed. These are implicitly adding of MasterDetail Id to "process" attribute and implicitly navigation without pe:selectDetailLevel. Another update to be considered for migration is renaming of ResetEditableValues - pe:resetEditableValues was renamed to a short variant pe:resetInput.

The showcase shows new / updated components for both last releases 0.5.0 and 0.5.1. A lot of descriptions - showcase documentation - were also improved and corrected. This release is available in the Maven central repo as usually.

The work on the next release has been already started with two major re-implementations. Timeline and Layout components will be re-implemented from scratch!


  1. What are key new components for next version/release

  2. Don't know exactly, depends on our needs. Do you have a wish list or would you like to commit some new components? :-)

  3. Hello , Oleg thanks for the work that you are doing on PRimefaces. I have seen some of your questions/concerns about performance of jquery selectors on the primefaces blog. Speaking of performance, how doable would it be to merge all JSF related js (jsf.js, primefaces.js, primefaces-extension.js) files into one and also have them be on the footer of the page instead of the header to allow for better page load performance. I'm pretty sure this is a question for the JSF expert group , but what is your take on the subject?

  4. @Anonymous. Placing in footer brings a better performance, but merging all files into one big file is not a best option. This can be slower than loading of many small files in parallel. We will implement this issue to load AND execute scripts asynchronous (parallel). This will boost inital loading (before scripts get cached in browser cache).

  5. Thanks , Oleg , Labjs would be a good addition , what about the idea of being able to externalize these resources . So say i run apache in front of glassfish, and i use apache for delivery static content such as css and js . Wouldnt apache be faster at returning resources than glassfish/JSF trying to load those resources from a jar file . What is your take on that ?

  6. It would be faster of course. Serving resources from external domains turns browser limitation for at once opened connections off. But it would break JSF component model. Resources are normally encapsulated with components. And you would like to separate them.

  7. HI oleg when will update showcase on top of PrimeFaces 3.4?


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