Monday, June 11, 2012

PrimeFaces Extensions 0.5.0 released

I'm pleased to announce the new release of PrimeFaces Extensions. It's fully compatible with the last PrimeFaces 3.3 release.

Please see releases notes and the showcase for new / updated components and use cases. This release is available in the Maven central repo as usually. See also recently updated Getting Started for more details.

We plan to deploy next releases in the cloud only. The showcase was already tested and successfully deployed on OpenShift. OpenShift provides a free JBoss 7 instance with JSF Mojarra implementation. It's not possible to change JSF impl. in the current JBoss version, so that we will stick first with Mojarra. Internal tests are running against MyFaces too (there are actually a lot of differences in both JSF impl.).

Another news: in the next 4-5 months I will do less than ever activities in the PrimeFaces Extensions. I would like to concentrate fully on the upcoming PrimeFaces Cookbook. Packt publisher has very tight deadlines for chapter's delivery dates. However, I hope we can offer interesting features in the next release iteration.


  1. Great work. InputNumber looks very good and usefull. DynaForm seems very interesting to autogenerate simple forms for ORM Entities.

  2. Thanks. DynaForm is not only for simple forms. It's flexibel enough.

  3. Congrats to you Oleg and to rest of the team!

    Good luck with the book!

  4. Congrats Oleg great work.
    If you have not selected a reviewer for your book. I will be glad to help for getting a copy of the book. Myself a small Apress author on Spring + design patterns and technical reviewer of packtpub book on ICEfaces :)

  5. Will the Primefaces-Extension implements the drag-n-drop table row in the future?
    I mean we can re-order the dataTable row by using drag-n-drop.

  6. I suggest that the DynaForm can be define the those properties (layout, length, data type, style, etc) in the code rather than in the xhtml.

  7. @Dhrubojyoti. Great to hear, thanks, but we already have 2-3 reviewers. Sorry.

    @Anonymous. No, drag & drop of table rows is the core functionality of PrimeFaces datatable. We don't fix any issues for complex PrimeFaces components and don't re-implement them. Maintenance costs are too high to keep code in sync.

    @Anonymous. Style, style class belongs to XHTML, but you can also define it in model if you want. Any control has Object data. It depends on you what you mean with data. You can define there length of input components, data type, etc. Data is exposed via "var" attribute. You're flexibel.


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