Saturday, March 17, 2012

PrimeFaces Extensions 0.4.0 released

I'm pleased to announce the new release of PrimeFaces Extensions. It's fully compatible with the last PrimeFaces 3.2 release.

Please see releases notes and the showcase which shows now new and updated components / use cases. This release is available in the Maven central repo as usually.

What is the next? In the next release we will add some new components, extend already existing and improve generated documentation on basis of Vdldoc and JSDoc. The showcase will have a CSS section as well. Furthermore, Maven plugin for web resource optimizations will get a new feature - handling of dataURIs. The intention is to convert referenced in CSS files images to dataURIs. This technique is better than sprites and allows to avoid HTTP overhead for each small image and load pages faster.

And of course the next release will be fully compatible with the PrimeFaces 3.3 and its new ajax features.

Stay tuned.


  1. Great News Oleg. I really love the couple of new components/extensions :)
    I have a question though. Is it possible to us the RequiredLabel Component with Primefaces 3.1? Would that cause any problems?

  2. Yes, I think it's possible. RequiredLabel doesn't have an JS widget.

  3. Thank you Oleg
    We will give it a try and let you know if something is not working


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