Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PrimeFaces Cookbook published today

PrimeFaces Cookbook was published today. The book writing was a piece of a hard work and I'm happy to finish it.

I would like to thanks all persons who were involved in the entire writing / reviewing process. Especially the people from the Packt Publishing, the PrimeFaces project lead Çağatay Çivici, my co-writer Mert Çalışkan, our reviewer  Andy Bailey and my family. Çağatay wrote a nice post today. Also Andy wrote a post today. I can not add something more :-)


  1. Congratulations, Oleg! I love your work, and I love PF Extensions. Will certainly buy this book. Thanks!

  2. I ordered this book through my University library. They kindly purchased a copy, which I now have at home with me now. My students will profit.


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