Monday, October 1, 2012

PrimeFaces Extensions 0.6.0 released

We are proud to announce the new release of the PrimeFaces Extensions 0.6.0. It is built on top of PrimeFaces 3.4.1. Please see releases notes.

Main subjects and key features in this release:

  • A lot of bugxifes and improvements / new features in Tooltip, MasterDetail, CKEditor, CodeMirror, InputNumber, AjaxExceptionHandler, ImportConstants, TriStateCheckbox, TriStateManyCheckbox.
  • New component Waypoint which makes a solid base for modern UI patterns that depend on a user's scroll position on a page.
  • New component Switch, regular component to counterparts c:choose, c:when, c:otherwise.
  • BlockPanel was renamed to Spotlight. Spotlight allows you to restrict input to a particular element by masking all other page content.
  • AjaxStatus and Paginator components were removed. PrimeFaces core has the same functionality now.
  • More utilities, like a new EL function to escape jQuery selectors in facelets.
  • Layout component was reimplemented. Layout options are created by model now. You can combine several options in Java like you would build a Tree by Tree nodes. By this way, all possible options are supported. This is only a first step, we didn't add some features like updatable nested (child) layouts. Also state management only works for direct layout panes at the moment due to some issues in current native jQuery Layout plugin (will be fixed soon).
  • Timeline component was reimplemented and improved. This is the fastest Timeline implementation in the world :-) with native JavaScript code in its core parts (without jQuery)! There are a lot of features and about 25 use cases. We have implemented 5. Ask us if you have any questions. Here a screenshot yet (click to enlarge).

This release is available in the Maven central repo as usually.


  1. Really awesome, waypoint its an incredible component!!!

  2. Yes, indeed. Waypoint rocks. Only one example with infinite scrolling (lazy content loading) already rocks. Not to mention another use cases. I will also add callbacks for horizontal scrolling in the future.

  3. Is is available any demo version of this new release ?

  4. Showcases:

  5. Hi Oleg Varaksin, you really rocks, many thanks to waypoint component. JSF and Primefaces marry to each other.

  6. Hi,

    The Timeline component is really awesome. Currently I am evaluating different timeline components for our Seam based project. This component nearly satisfies all our requirements.

    Is it possible to edit the events?
    - Moving events in timeline
    - Dragging/Dropping new events to the timeline

  7. Hi,

    Please ask all questions about Timeline in our forum


  8. Very excellent work with pe. Great work team. Unfortunately 0.6 is not it at the moment and i am still stuck with 0.51...Reasons. The pe:layout no longer support dynamic tab model as the identifier "tab" for the model have been discontinued. Once you exchange with 0.6 the dynamic tabs disappears. Sadly the pe:layout does not work with primefaces 3.4RC. and except i change the entire layout concept and drop the pe:layout i will be stucked with 3.4 snapshot.

  9. Tab model was dropped because you can achieve the same effect with quite normally PF menu in the north pane. I didn't like tab model, it was a tricky and not clean implementation.

  10. Well Oleg, i guess that hurts. I should have known pe is still experimental to apply components on production projects. If a team of our testers met to agree on a specific layout (tab in this case) for some of our projects, only to be dropped based on "i didnt like tab model" attitude is a lil' bit not too clean and focused idea that i am used too. I guess i would rather stick to pure pf and live with what i get or at best advice team to start jsf components developments from scratch.

  11. Yemi, I can understand you, but did PF not removed some experimental, not good working features as well? Remember drag-and-drop feature in Tree? We don't force anybody to use PF Extensions. This is a free project, developing in our free time, without to earn money. We can do with components what we want :-).

    "Start jsf components developments from scratch" is not a good idea IMHO.

  12. Good job guys, we are living a great momment with Primefaces and Primefaces Extensions! GRTZ!

  13. Hi Oleg, I would like to know how can I hide pe:layoutPanes,I mean when I load the main page one layoutpane must be hide and then after I select something from center panel should it appear on the left side of the screen.In p:layoutUnit I was using the attribute "visible" but right now its gone... any ideas ?

  14. It is easy. Use option "initClosed" with true as value (boolean) for a layout pane you would like to show hidden on page load. This is a good page to see some documented options by the native plugin

  15. Dragging/Dropping new events to the timeline is it possible

  16. Ask in the forum please and create a future request in our issue tracker if needed.


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