Thursday, July 21, 2011

Raphaël Library evaluated

About three months ago I was evaluating JavaScript Library Raphaël. This is a library for simplifying the work with vector graphics on the web. It uses SVG and VML (Internet Explorer), is highly compatible with every browser environment and doesn't depend on Flash or Canvas. I'm developing a collaborative online whiteboard just now by means of Raphaël and several frameworks for bidirectional communication in the web. Presentation is coming soon. I will also post examples how to use Raphaël library to draw shapes and more in the web. In this post I just wanted to tell that my first example (at the beginning of my evaluation) has been included to the known Raphaël Source Examples. You find it there under "Other related sites" as "Oleg's online collaborative whiteboard is evolving". The direct link to the test application is here.

Have much fun with Raphaël ;-)

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